Monday, 30 March 2015

Legend of the Moon

Once upon a time there was a lady and her name was Rona and she had a magic power that made her shot water out of her fingers and one day she was walking outside and she could smell something burning so she rushed back to the park warn her family to not go back to the house but her family didn't believe her.

So she rushed back to her home and she try's to put out the fire with her fingers but it didn't work so she called for her family and they rushed down to the house with bundles of water in the cart and they try to throw all of the water on to the fire but suddenly one of the baby's gasped and shouted Help! Rona ran home but she was too late
the house was gazing with flames but the half of the house was okay
so she grabbed all of the food supply so they wouldn't starve and all of the bedding and all 13 of the cubby tents to sleep in them but when she toured around she remembered about the 13th person the youngest one how also had fire magic powers but then she remembered that she sometimes she can't control her powers and Rona skidded  into the house and there was the  baby crying out Rona Rona help me!

And Rona grabbed the baby and ran out the house and yield out I got the last baby! We have to wait until the morning because the house is gassing with flames.

In the morning then the 5 year old boy asked what are we having for breakfast?Rona said there's some milk at the little shack by the beach.That night the park was pitch black that night Rona gave the moon a course and she side...

moon moon you horrible moon you rowend my days I wish you never accessed you horrible moon.

And that night the moon looked down at her and said ...

How dear you course me so I will bring you up here for your punishment Rona.

So the moon did Rona yielded out HELP me anybody!! And Rona never came back down to see her family.Rona's family still don't know where she is.

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