Monday, 2 March 2015

Summer poem

Remember that time when you were at the beach
when the hot sand was sticking
to your feet
and the hot shells were pinching your soles?
That was summer.

Remember that time
when your legs were killing
with an ache from walking up
The slippery hill
and the dusty dirt was blowing into your eyes?
That was summer.

Remember when
the sun was gleaming down on you
and the ice cream was dripping down your arm
feeling cold and sticky?
and when you were getting smeared in
Cool sun screen on the boiling hot sand?
That was summer.

I remember  that time when the cool water
splashed over my face
and the little fish were swimming over my feet
making hot skin feel weird
That was summer.


  1. I like your first and second paragraph

  2. I love it how you use remember at the start.I love the first and second paragraph.
    You gave me a really clear picture in my mind.I have had a time like you at the beach.
    well done Sophie.