Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Hiding spot

My hiding spot behind my door…’8,9,10!Ready or not, here I come!” I heard my cousin yell. 

I ran as fast as I could to my room and jumped behind my door. I could hear footsteps shuffling, crackling and the carpet screeching. I could smell dusty old toys, wood and flax. 

I was feeling nervous, mischievous and quiet. Just then I heard footsteps. He walked into my room. I sat still waiting for him to leave. When he did I got up and went over to my cupboard by my bed and said “Yes he will never find me here!”

Then he said, “Did you say something?” I rushed back to the door and I  was as quiet as a mouse, but he came back and looked behind the bed where my cupboard is. I had opened up the cupboard to make it look like I was in there.

He peeked in and yelled out I “FOUND YOU!!” Then I cracked up laughing, he heard me. I sat as still as I could, not making a peep as he stumbled past the door.

He left for 10 minutes, I went out into,the kitchen he said, “I know where you hide. You’re in the kitchen.”

I gave a little smirk because I wasn't hiding in the kitchen I was in my room. I went into my room he followed me then I went and sat behind my door and got ready to get found then I felt something soft hit me in the back. I felt it again and again and again so I turned around and I said “STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!!” I was so angry I said, “I'll get you next time.”

He froze and looked like he just saw the most scary part of a horror movie. 

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  1. Wow, Sophie where do I start this is a amazing story. I remember playing hide and seek. I have a hiding spot to its behind the couch where no one can find me. Sometimes I do what you do I open the pantry door a little bit so my brother or whoever is playing thinks that I am in the pantry door. I love this story so much Sophie.