Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Writers note book 3

               Christmas Day 2013 
It was a warm summer's morning and I was fast asleep. I heard a little jingle, then I realised that it was Christmas morning. I jumped out of bed and ran into my mum and dad's room. 

So we got up and Mum said, “We need to have breakfast first.” 
But I said, “No we need to open presents”. 
But as usual we do what Mum wants to do. We had some breakfast and when breakfast was done it was time to look at what was in our stockings. As usual I got mainly what I get every year,  but this year I got marshmallows, they were white and I don't like white,  but I don't care.

After we had opened our stockings it was time to open our gifts. I opened the smallest  one which was a lip balm and then I got a huge orange rug. After I had opened all of them I still haven't gotten the thing that I had begged my mum and dad for.  
Dad said, “Can you go and open the blinds over behind the couch?” 
Then I saw it it the most beautiful toy I had ever seen. It was the barbie camper van with a four seater car and a pool slash fire.  So I lugged it out and took it over to Mum and we assembled it. I played all day with it so that made the best Christmas ever. 

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  1. Good writing! I could connect with you writing because I can remember begging my parents for a barbie camper van unfortunately I never got one. You created a good picture in my mind. Keep up the good writing!