Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Writers note book

Every Christmas my mum and dad and my aunt and uncle and my 2 cousins, Hannah and Logan and I, go up to Glentunnel to go camping for 1 week and 2 days. To get to Glentunnel it takes about 30 minutes and when we get there it takes about 1 and a half to set up the tents and set up the dome. 

At Glentunnel there is the coolest thing ever:  an icy cold river with a rope that you swing off into the river but when you hit the river you have to be careful that you didn't hit any rocks.

At Glentunnel on New Year's Eve there is a big talent show and there are the winners of the coloring in contest and can you believe it I didn't win. There's also a huge lollie scramble but all of the people up the front normally get all of the lollies and last year I got heaps of them and I had a huge stack beside my bed.

When we go to the dairy we have to bike up a really steep hill and then we have to park our bikes and go into the dairy.


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