Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Observational writing

                                About a leaf

The freshly grown green leaf must have been left in the sun too long because it has rough brown patches. It looks as though, when you pick it up with just a little jerk, it might rip in half. It looks like a caterpillar has taken a bite out of it and all down the sides there are sharp spikes that look like razor blades.

Underneath it looks like there is a very delicate pattern with a long lime green thread down the middle that holds it together so it won't fall apart. Both sides of the leaf are fused together with the green strip. The end of the leaf has little red highlights. It's 37 millimetres long and 25 millimetres wide.

The leaf smells like fresh apples dust and a fruit.

It feels like sandpaper that is very old and rough.

The leaf sounds like rustling  trees and scratching against the windows.

                                About a leaf

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