Thursday, 18 February 2016


Where is my happy place?

Where the fantail shows off its fan-like tail 
to all of the other birds and people.
Its tail is grey, black and white 
and all of the colors fan out 
to make it look like a fan.

Where the pukeko walk around 
showing off their colors.
They have a blue body and red beak that show 
when they prance around in the tall grass.

Where the wax eyes glance at you with their wax-like eyes,
and show off their beautiful colors 

Where the sparrows flutter around 
in the warm summer's breeze, 
tweeting a beautiful song in the blue sky. 

Where the cicadas play a loud song,
rubbing their wings together 
and they shed a shell that is orange 
and they appear on trees.

That is my happy place.


1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful happy place Sophie.. Sparrows fluttering, Cicadas singing.. I hope you are still using your bright sparks book when your writing? It really does help you find new words to use. Miss D :)