Thursday, 10 March 2016

A day in the life of sugar town

 I see the little sugar town  glittering in the sun 
like the queen's crown on a hot summer's day.
The tiny candy people prance in the tall grass like pukekos having the time of their lives in the hot summer breeze. 

All of the candy people are eating
mini ice creams that look like the queen's jewels gleaming in the sun. 
The little sugar school kids are chattering 
like millions of cicadas 
playing their loud song in the cold wind.

If you look very closely 
you can see the queen of sugar town 
sitting on her throne saying 
“Get out of my sight right this very instance!” 
Telling off the peasants, 
as if they were her puppies 
And they have just dug a big hole in her garden. 

Why is the artwork colorful?
What inspired her to make this?
Was it hard to make? 



We are using metaphors and similes  but I'm struggling to use them in the right place in my writing but I think that it sounds pretty good so I think I'm at multistructural now.

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  1. 🍉Hi Sophie it's Beth 🍉
    This is amazing this peace of writing that you've done here.
    I can connect with this because I actually wrote about this on my blog.
    I love how you said the queen of sugar town that was so cool.
    Love this writing Sophie.
    🍉From Beth 🍉