Wednesday, 30 March 2016

My home Christchurch

Looking outside my window 
I see over the potholes 
road cones, 
looking bright, 
but sad and noticeable.

On my way to school 
in traffic jams 
car engines screech 
like chalk on a blackboard

At school, my scooter handles 
feel cold and soft like freshly 
fallen snow
on a cold winter's morning.

In the botanic gardens 
flowers sway in the 
lush wind 
like washing drying on a line.

At the park, Caitlyn and I play 
as if we have never played before
in the beaming hot sun.

And outside at home, Mum, Dad and I play 
like puppies at the beach
having the time of our lives.

That's my home 
I love my home, Christchurch.


1 comment:

  1. What a great way to describe your city / house and area you live. I can connect with the part about the cones because around my area they do road works sometimes and the cones are as bright as the sun shining in your eyes. This gives us inspiration for or shared writing we're doing because this poem describes and in our story we need to describe. I love playing at the park so when we have another play date we could go to a park.
    Well done Sophie from Beth ����