Thursday, 14 April 2016

Term 1 arts learning

This term I was learning about different elements of music and how music can connect other people. We also made a soundscape based on a poem. I chose my Christchurch poem. We used instruments to describe different emotions. Some people used shakers to describe cicadas.
For my soundscape I used a shaker for the beat, and the zip of my pencil case as a rhythm and Soraya and I were yelling “Weee wooo” to describe Caitlyn and I playing at the park.
To make the soundscape we had to make it on garage band and the transport it to iMovie then to aurasma. Then we made a visual art piece based off our mihi.
Overall I really enjoyed the topic and had fun doing all of the art.

Looking outside my window 
I see over the potholes 
road cones, 
looking bright, 
but sad and noticeable.

On my way to school 
in traffic jams 
car engines screech 
like chalk on a blackboard

At school, my scooter handles 
feel cold and soft like freshly 
fallen snow
on a cold winter's morning.

In the botanic gardens 
flowers sway in the 
lush wind 
like washing drying on a line.

At the park, Caitlyn and I play 
as if we have never played before
in the beaming hot sun.

And outside at home, Mum, Dad and I play 
like puppies at the beach
having the time of our lives.

That's my home 
I love my home, Christchurch.

The link to my soundscape

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