Monday, 19 September 2016

Endangered animals

 This term I wrote my speech on endangered animals
When I was writing my speech I was learning to use metaphors and personification to give more detail in my speech. I think I did really well on my speech because it was well structured for example it was well organised into connections and important parts of the speech and I can also use Ideas that connect.
Link please click here to listen to my speech or you can read it below

 What animals do you know that are endangered? You might know about the big fluffy intelligent pandas from China. even the lions with the big fluffy mains from the Savannah of Africa and maybe the big sleek tigers that stroll through the jungles.

  These are just some of the world' endangered animals there population is lowering  like the kiwi and all of the above some already have become extinct in there home  like the white rhinos from people taking their horns If people keep killing these animals then there won't be any more of them in the world. There are many more endangered animals in the world there are birds and there's probably heaps more that we don't know about.

The most common way for animals to become endangered is not from to is not from killing them it is from people destroying their habits for example have you ever walked over the top of a plant well if you have you may of just walked over the top of a insect's habitat or if you pulled a plant out of the ground If you have then the insects will have nowhere to live.

Another way for animals to become extinct is over hunting. For example lions hunt down animals so they can survive and multiply. But that means that the animals that they are hunting are going to become extinct. When people hear about animals and how they have become extinct but they think how do people even know that they are extinct there could be more of them left.

Some of new zealand's endangered animals are quite obvious but you might not know about some most of the obvious ones that are extinct but the ones that aren't are mainly in zoos some of them you might see walking in different parts of the north or south islands. When you go to the beach have you ever seen birds that are on a sign that tell you about them you probably don't think that they're special but they are endangered.

Another way for animals to become extinct is from people dropping rubbish and then birds and animals might mistake it for food and think about this if we keep dropping rubbish it can go down the drains leading to rivers which has a big affect on the ocean many of you might know that the ocean is polluted and is killing the sea animals this is why it is so important not to drop rubbish

When you go to wildlife parks most of the animals are endangered, and they each have a story they might not all be from New Zealand. Have you ever noted how there are photos in the habits that are other animals that aren't even in the wildlife park and you think why is there a photo but no animal this is because they are to hard to get.

There's probably many. more animals that are endangered to New Zealand but there's heaps for the whole world. As you may know about kiwis they are a native New Zealand bird kiwi but there population is lowering. These are just some of the world' endangered animals.

These animals are endangered their population is lowering these animals are from all around the world most of them now live in wildlife sanctuaries where they look after animals and raise them and they take really good care of the because they might of been left where they lived before

Many people aren't aware of these animals and how their population is lowering everyday. It's not just animals that are becoming endangered it's also insects and plants.

Next time you drop your rubbish on the ground think twice because an animal might just come along and mistake it for food and next time you go to walk over the top of a plant think twice because you may of walked over a incets habit. Now most endangered animals are now living in wildlife parks because they are too endangered to go back to their country where they came from. If we keep dropping rubbish and killing animals then we won't have any more endangered animals in the future but if we stop then the endangered animals will live a happier life.

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