Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hide and seek

One, two, three, here I come 
it echos in one ear and flies out the other.
 I tuck myself into a bush 
I peek out to see if anyone is coming I hear footsteps of people 
they crush the leaves like seashells at the beach on a hot summer's day.

the bushes hold their breath 
the dirt blows on me in the icy cold air
like a fan on a hot summer’s day. 
I peer out the bush nervously
 as I see the grass dance in the cold wind like a ballerina.
Footsteps get closer.
I wait as silently as a mouse and as still as a rock.
Foot steeps prowl close as time goes by 
my heart pounds louder and louder
as people get found. 
the trees sway in the wind like people's hair in the wind 

people's voices 
crowd the park like at a concert. 

Footsteps creep up behind me 
I hold my breath as if I was swimming

 Is it the teachers? I hear breathing getting closer.
 The people beside me in the bush get found.
 Are we next?
My heart pounds louder and louder
 footsteps creep up behind me
 “found you” a voice says suddenly behind me
 I move out of the 
bush and stumble over to everyone else.

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